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Fashionista NOW: Boring Pants No More With These 7 Refreshing Trouser Styles

Boring Pants No More With These 7 Refreshing Trouser Styles

Are you a wearer of pants whose repertoire got so boring you wanna cry? Hold the tears because here’s a list to get you excited about wearing pants again!

Pants, how they come in a multitude of styles to satiate your fashion thirst this season. Besides the ripped jeans, there are actually pants you can wear for both dressy and casual settings. Since there will never be a shortage of reasons to hoard pants that can be incorporated into semi-casual looks, I have taken the time to eyeball SEVEN distinct styles of trousers that will not only be versatile but also will transform how you define pants in general.

These days, a little tweak in the hemline, an unexpected drape or slit in the leg of the pants and a waist definition punctuated by a specific design – contribute to giving the conventional pants a refreshing style interpretation so that it’s impossible to feel like pants are boring.

Since the weather’s here sunny and humid, I’ve taken that into consideration and the list below reflects the wearability in terms of the temperature here in old Malaysia and the neutral color palette ensures they can be worn effortlessly with many outfit style preferences. Enjoy!


Boring Pants No More

Black Drape Slit Pants


| shop here


Black + White Floral Pants


| shop here


Black Tie Waist Pants


| shop here


Chic Grey Culottes


| shop here


Off White Midi Trumpet Pants


| shop here


High Waist Grey Scallop Pants


| shop here


Polka Dot Slit Palazzo Pants


| shop here


Which pants would you wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

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