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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Fashionista NOW: Bollywood-Inspired Mandarin Collar Kurung To Wear For Raya 2018

Fashionista NOW: Bollywood-Inspired Mandarin Collar Kurung To Wear For Raya 2018

Bollywood-Inspired Mandarin Collar Kurung To Wear For Raya 2018

If there’s a modern baju kurung that is truly Malaysian in spirit through its design construction, then the Rizalman’s latest creation from his new 2018 Raya collection has it nailed down like it’s nothing.

With the use of the signature Indian motif such as the paisley prints and Indian fabrics and deep jewel tone colors that feel Autumnal in vibe, the modern kurung, kebaya and dresses are stunning in design and impact. The beautiful mandarin collar kurung is what I’m zooming in on for this post and it truly deserves a highlight. I don’t think we’ve seen something so seamlessly combined in a baju kurung the way that Rizalman does with this one and I think that it is rather brilliant.

The mandarin collar decorates the kurung top for a touch of the Oriental flavour and the print, fabric and color are Bollywood-inspired – all are present and transformed in the Malay cultural and national pride which is the baju kurung. The beautiful Bolly mandarin collar kurung style comes in five options (so far) for your choosing and I’m certain you will be drawn to each one but let me just show them one by one so you can narrow down to a look suitable for your style preference. Enjoy!


Metallic Indian Lace Mandarin Collar Kurung


| shop here


Paisley Print Cotton Mandarin Collar Kurung


| shop here


Floral Print Cotton Mandarin Collar Kurung


| shop here


Blue Abstract Cotton Mandarin Collar Kurung


| shop here


Geometric High Mandarin Collar Kurung


| shop here


Which mandarin collar kurung would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know.

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