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Fashionista NOW: It’s A Bob Hair Season On Instagram And Everywhere Else

Short bob hairstyle ideas for those who want to say goodbye to old, boring and weak long hair.

In the 90s, I had a bob haircut and it was far from cool because for some reason it just highlighted my facial structure which was pretty soft and chubby at the time. And someone has resorted to be a bully and said that my mane looked kind of fake-ish. To add to the general uncoolness of my bob was the curls at the end that just twisted themselves in awkward angles. Not that I had time or bother to pick up the old hair dryer and hair-related wizardry to tame them, mind you, so my bob sucked.

2016 saw a focus on the bob, particularly the short one so LOBS don’t count after Taylor Swift got hers and people said it’s Anna Wintour-ish and I kind of saw it too but TayTay held her own bob so it was cool. Loads of people now, celebs and non-celebs alike, are looking to the bob for some therapeutic benefits associated with the ritual of chopping the old long hair and giving it a new poofy life. And you know what they say: It’s a major thing when a gal decides to go shoulder-to-chin length when she was long-haired before.

So, ladies, here’s to new and exciting changes as you give the bob a chance this season. To get you to take the plunge with the scissors and put your trust in your hairdresser, here are ten bob-loving Instagrammers to lend you a quick hair inspo.

Feeling blue? Get a blue bob!

Sunday Funday bob because long hair is just too much.

A photo posted by Burcu Erdo?an (@burcuchan) on

Get an angled bob if bangs make your forehead itch.

Blonde bob to go with your summery smile.

A photo posted by Co. Hair ( on

Slick black bob to go with your love for black and white snaps.

A photo posted by Annie Nguyen (@annienguyen) on

Wavy bob with highlights that will make you grin for a month.

A photo posted by Beth Lugtu (@bethlugtubl) on

Bob from the side to show off your long neck.

A photo posted by aya (@aya_chika) on

The perfect time to have a BOB is now.

A photo posted by @chiisaiayumi on

Bob from the back to show off that long front dip.

Sun-kissed bob all wavy-haired girl should try.

A photo posted by shuohkubo (@shu0725) on

Which bob haircut would you try? Share below – I’d love to know!

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