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Fashionista NOW: Best Fashion Trends And Looks For Summer 2018

Credit | Mirjam

Excited to update your summer OOTD with some vital key trends and looks? Here’s a quick guide to killing it this summer.

Fashion is one of the easiest ways to lighten up your mood – and most of us need it right now with what is happening around the world! Fashion can be especially uplifting when it comes to the summer season. The summer fashion is almost always full of color and wonderful patterns and summer of 2018 is not going to be any different.

So, if you are looking to update your wardrobe and create a stylish summer you, here are the best fashion trends to look out for.


Delicate Pastel Colors From Head To Toe

| Ecoblogger Cristina Carrillo

Pastel colors are huge in 2018 and they are the perfect way to calm your mind as you update your look. Done with confidence, pastel is definitely a way to express your unique fashion statement.

The best way to add a bit of pastel to your look is to opt for a light sugary, lemon yellow. Yellow pants paired with a pastel top and blazer work well. The other must-have pastel trend is to opt for soft lilac. A lilac bag is a superb fashion choice for the style-conscious.


Checks To Convince The Crowd

| Eliza Romero

In terms of patterns, summer fashion is all about checks. The checkered pattern is usually more associated with winter and cold weather so it’s nice to see a bit of a change this season. You can find the pattern in all different summer clothing, giving you plenty of choice.

You could opt for a cool summer dress with a check-pattern. This would look especially good when you are heading out to work or some other more formal occasion. If a full checks outfit doesn’t sound appealing, you can add this trend to your look with checked tights – Fendi had them included in their catwalk.


Floral Dresses For Something Classic

| Yasmina Jeddou

If there is one persistent trend in summer fashion, it is the love of floral. Floral patterns are making a comeback again this year, especially in summer dresses. The season’s floral looks are all about soft colours and relatively old-fashioned patterns. The looks are like the wallpaper in your grandma’s old house.

While you can find floral clothing from pants to boots, you do want to opt for a dress this summer. A floral dress in 2018 will be a classic and stylish choice to make. You can play with the colours and the size of the dress – floral dresses are fashionable in maxi-size dress, as well as in mini-dresses.


Feathers To Lighten Up Your Look

| Kathryn Love

Another quirky detail this summer is to opt for feathered clothing. If you paid attention to the catwalk, you might have noticed plenty of feathers in jackets, shirts, dresses and even the boots! It’s a wonderful and fun fashion trend to enjoy in 2018.

As mentioned, feathers come in all sorts of clothing. For those looking for a subtle way to celebrate this trend, a pair of feather boots or sandals will be an amazing pick. If you are ready to go all out with the trend, a feather dress will add plenty of glamour to your look. For example, a feather dress to wear at a summer wedding or other party will be a fantastic choice.


Fringing The Look For Maximum Mood Boost

| Jeneice

Similar to feathers is the trend of fringed clothing. This is another mood-boosting style that adds a lot of playfulness to your summer style. You can utilise the trend in many different ways – it creates a bohemian and hippie look for you to enjoy.

Fringe clothing combined with the pastel trend is especially hot right now. In terms of finding the right items, many retailers have great options from Zara to Calvin Klein. Fringe tops are a good pick for the summer and they pair nicely with jeans and boots. If you’d rather accessorize with fringe, then a fringe bag is a definite must-have.


1960s Beach Style To Glam It Up

| Mirjam

Of course, your summer style has to pay attention to what you wear to the beach. And in 2018 it’s all about going back to the 1960s and Palm Beach. Beach fashion is bold and it’s full of colour and patterns. You can find all the colours of the rainbow, combined with turbans, swirly prints and coconut trees.

Head down to and utilize the discount codes that allow you to wear this trend in style. You can opt for high-waist beach shorts, a wrap-in dress and even colorful bikinis to go with your beach-look.


Accessorizing In Style

| Melissa Dewar

Finally, you might want to add a bit of summer fashion to your look with accessories. There are two major trends on display this summer. First, you need a massive tote bag to carry around. This is actually perfect as it allows you to jet off to a short weekend getaway and get your beach clothes ready for after work.

The other major accessory trend to follow is over-the-top earrings. This means going big and going bold. You have golden swirls and rainbow-colored hoops. It’s a fun and playful way to make your summer style just a lit different and to show off your personality.

With that said, we hope these trend and look highlights will get you excited and inspired to sprinkle your wardrobe with a little update this season. Which one is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored collaborated post.

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