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Fashionista NOW: Beat The Haze In Forest Green

Beat The Haze In Forest Green

The haze was so bad today here in old tropical Malaysia, it camouflages the cool natural green backdrop that I had to find escape in forest green colored clothes. Join me?

There was a time in my life when I would always wear black and if I had to wear a color, it would be shades of blue of the darker end of the spectrum, never light. But never green, except for a neon green color that was on a pair of running shoes I used love wearing that went missing (a dog could have taken it someone said, not sure who it was now but the mystery remains). This was after my very colorful high school years. And now, even though I do wear a pop of color here and there – though not all at once as in adventurous color-blocking – there is a color that has always been riveting to me for it is a cool color one associates with the deep and mysterious forest.

Deep green tinged with an underlying cool blue, the forest green is such a calming hue. Although the dark dusty green with a touch of grey or beige undertone is also appealing, forest green has a special place within my wardrobe’s heart. And of course, if you’ve been following fashion trends year after year and writing about them, it really isn’t earth-shattering to sport the color trend in the cooler months of Autumn/Winter, but to offset the toxic grey from the hazy ambiance we’re experiencing here, now that is something else, isn’t it?

After spending time immersing my sight in the shades of green available (by that I mean, eyeballing the screen half asleep as I’m a little tired after randomly spring-cleaning only parts of the house that suffer most usage), I keep zoning back to the dark shades of forest green and have gathered a list that will hopefully be of a guide to you should you be on a hunting mode for something in the color. Enjoy!



Calicco | dark green chiffon hi low maxi dress



Mango | deep green flowy textured top



STARROOM | green cropped pleated pants



ZALORA | forest green wrap skirt dress



Something Borrowed | green zipper peplum top



Dorothy Perkins | green jacquard shift dress


Is forest green a favorite color of yours? What do you think of my picks? What other colors are you inclined to wear when the weather’s so hazy, your eyeballs begin to water? Share!

Fun fact about me: I don’t know about you but on the subject of celebrity love, I do just plain adore Jason Mraz. Aside from Ed Sheeran, of course.

“To be a warrior is to learn to be genuine in every moment of your life.”Chogyam Trungpa

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4 comments to Fashionista NOW: Beat The Haze In Forest Green

  • Forest Green is a gorgeous color! I totally love your choices on these Forest Green outfits. I would totally wear this on a hazy day like these few days. Gosh…it’s really getting bad and because of that, I’m in bed the whole day due to runny nose and cough. I hope you’re not affected by the haze. Stay hydrated and healthy =)

  • idu

    Forest green looks great on you. Stunning to say the least. It’s one color I have never gravitated towards. Maybe soon enough I’ll get to try it in hopes that I pull it off right. Have a great week.

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