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Fashionista NOW: Bat Stud Earrings Halloween Jewelry Inspiration

Bat Stud Earrings Halloween Jewelry Inspiration

This jewelry post is dedicated to you bat lovers and Halloween fanatics who can’t wait for October to begin!

Bats; aren’t they just adorable? Okay, maybe not in the way that cats are but more along the Halloween-kind of cute level? I don’t know but I think we’re very discriminatory with the way we assign cuteness when it comes to animals. My real life experience with bats is limited to staring at them hanging upside-down outside window edges and to be honest, they were the ones who got spooked by my humanly presence more that I was of them.

Why bats are associated with Halloween like ghosts that threaten to harm/haunt you and spider webs that tell no one has been here since 1673 is a matter of humans tendency as they zoom on what they think is creepy and linking it with these ultimately innocent creatures. As if bats don’t have a life other than becoming a side show for Halloween, right? If I were a bat, I would make it a point to fly into people’s homes and steal their fruits and sit on their faces.

Interestingly, bats are symbolic of rebirth and though they love to be in the dark recesses of the cave (kind of like me), they are highly social with their family members! The act of going into the cave is seen to represent going within and as they leave the cave at dusk for a feast of juicy insects, this represents the state of being reborn. Once out of the cave, bats are highly attuned to their surrounding making use of echolocation to detect prey movement and to prevent from colliding into a fellow bat! We definitely need some echolocation installed in our human operation system if that’s ever possible because Malaysian drivers are the worst! I really am not kidding and if you’ve been here, you will so know that this is the truth!

For Halloweeners who can’t wait for October to start and have a thing for bats or are just recently finding out that bats are simply delightful and want to wear them in the form of a jewelry, I have selected 7 most wearable bat stud earrings that will express your love and fascination for bats, or help you ooze that spooky gothic vibe that perfectly complements the pumpkin-worshiping month where ghosts are suddenly acutely real…because they’re humans (ha ha ha).



LemonWoodMarket | halloween bat stud earrings



SmallGreyCat | spooky halloween bat earrings



SweetNovemberJewelry | sterling silver bat studs



waterwaif | tiny black bat stud earrings



theHOMETOWNhaven | sterling silver tiny bat stud earrings



PeculiarForest | black bat stud earrings


Fun facts about me: October is my birthday month. All of my two siblings are October babies. I love pumpkin seeds and Halloween! In fact, it’s the only celebration of the year I’m ever actually excited for even though I don’t dress up and do anything different on the day except for maybe wear dark makeup which I do any other day when the mood comes.

What other Halloween-inspired trends would you like to see? Share below – I would so love to know!

“For Halloween I’m gonna be emotionally stable. No one’s gonna know it’s me.”Andrea Gibson

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