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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Fashionista NOW: Baju Raya 2017 Idea ~ Empire Waist Kurung Style

Fashionista NOW: Baju Raya 2017 Idea ~ Empire Waist Kurung Style

Baju Raya 2017 Idea ~ Empire Waist Kurung Style

The perfect modern kurung style to accommodate your food bellies this upcoming Hari Raya 2017.

While peplum kurung has a sweet spot in a Malaysian fashionista’s heart, there’s a new waist style in town that needs to be considered. And it’s the empire waist style. On a top of your baju kurung, cut in a cropped mild high-low hemline, the way it gently gathers and drapes over your abdominal region makes it not only charmingly romantic but also, effective for days of continuous feasting that is involved when you gather with friends and loved ones during the Raya festivities.

The Lubna’s new baju kurung collection is clever enough to feature the much-loved sleeves that flare along with the empire waist top. The skirt is cut in a mermaid-style shape which is also another favorite. Rendered in four different colors, the versatile print that decorates the modern baju kurung comes in a cluster of polka dots. Another feature on the top is the mod V-neckline that is elongating visually.

Look below to see why this is a baju kurung style you would want to consider if you are all about dressing to liberate the tummy from clothes that constrict! Enjoy!


Polka Dot Black Gathered Empire Kurung


| shop here


Polka Dot Turquoise Gathered Empire Kurung


| shop here


Polka Dot Navy Gathered Empire Kurung


| shop here


Polka Dot Brown Gathered Empire Kurung


| shop here


Which empire kurung would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

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