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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Fashionista NOW: 7 Auspicious RED Theme Fan Earrings To Wear For Chinese Lunar New Year 2017

Fashionista NOW: 7 Auspicious RED Theme Fan Earrings To Wear For Chinese Lunar New Year 2017

Fashionista NOW: 7 Auspicious RED Theme Fan Earrings To Wear For Chinese Lunar New Year 2017

Credit | Conetira

Red-theme fan earrings to decorate your earlobes with this Lunar New Year 2017.

You know RED and the lunar new year goes together every single year. It’s the one color you will see aplenty and if you’re not wearing red, people will gossip. Last part is just in my head, people gossip all the time! Anyway, if you’ve been following this space, you’d known that I love me some fan-shaped earrings as they bring me back memories of using the traditional foldable handheld fan to cool off on an unforgiving hot and humid day in Malaysia. In fact, my mom still uses a foldable fabric fan variety that she keeps in her bag. There’s an elegance about whipping the fan out in public and fanning yourself with it that has an unmistakable old world vibe I quite like.

With the Chinese New Year 2017 in the near horizon and the weather in Malaysia getting quite hot after a period of monsoon, a foldable fan in red would be more than helpful. It can so complement your modern or traditional lunar new year outfit. But this post is about the ear bling inspired by the shape of the fan so that you can go a step further. I’ve narrowed 7 red-theme fan-shaped earrings to go with the mood of the CNY 2017 season so that it’s easier for you to blend them with any red-theme party outfit.

Enjoy putting these beauties on your earlobes to ooze oriental vibes in a jiff:


Red Fan Cinnabar Earringsred-fan-cinnabar-earrings

? | valbdesigns


Red Japanese Origami Fan Earrings


? | Conetira


Vintage Large Glossy Red Fan Earrings


? | AnxiouslyredVintage


Vintage Red Fan Stud Earrings


? | MiscELENAeous


Vintage Porcelain Maple Leaf Fan Earrings


? | RubyInTheDustVintage


Vintage Red + Gold Fan Earrings


? | DesignzByRuth


Chinese Red Statement Fan Earrings


? | Conetira


Which fan earrings are your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

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