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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Fashionista NOW: Ankle Strap Loafer Sandal Is Your New Spring Shoe Go-To

Fashionista NOW: Ankle Strap Loafer Sandal Is Your New Spring Shoe Go-To

Ankle Strap Loafer Sandal Is Your New Spring Shoe Go-To

Credit | Crupon

The leather loafer is given a new life in a striking sandal interpretation.

This gorgeous leather ankle strap loafer sandal style is the footwear to slip your feet into as you ease into Spring. The design in particular has my heart at hello as who doesn’t love a good ankle strap and what’s unique is that it’s built on a slip-on loafer style shoe with the front part (and back) of your foot covered so you can wear them on days you can’t be bothered about painting your toe nails or if they’re in need of a break from all that nail lacquer game.

Crupon makes such a fun array of flat sandals and shoes that I have to showcase at least one style that I fancy the most here and it is this loafer sandal style. The middle part of the foot is given a peek so it can soak it some breeze and sunshine while letting you play up your spring shoe game to the next level. This ankle strap loafer sandal comes in six color options so you can choose one that you like best.

To give you a preview of this stunning loafer sandal by Crupon, simply eyeball away and enjoy!


Black Ankle Strap Loafer Sandals


| shop here


Brown Ankle Strap Loafer Sandals


| shop here


Grigio Ankle Strap Loafer Sandals


| shop here


Light Brown Ankle Strap Loafer Sandals


| shop here


Which loafer style sandals would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know.

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