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Fashionista NOW: 5 Affordable Minimalist Sling Bag Ideas To Go With Any Outfit

5 Affordable Minimalist Sling Bag Ideas To Go With Any Outfit

Need a sling bag style that’s compact and sleek you can wear with any type of outfit? Check THESE minimalist carry companions out!

I used to love carrying a huge bag around back in the day. The love affair with big and slouchy bags was an extension from the university days when I had a proclivity for chucking my water bottle, sweater, books, umbrella and whatever junk I happen to have into the poor bag. I would also sometimes offer to put other people’s stuff in my all-stretched-out, fat bag if they happened NOT to carry any bags at all. Then a few years back, I started to drop unnecessary load and switched to a more compact bag of a sling variety and said no to carrying other people’s nonsense.

The pleasure I had carrying a light bag had me questioning why I did not realize it any sooner. Even though there is a time and place for a roomy bag — for daily coffee and supper runs, the small sling bag makes me appreciate a bag that’s fuss-free, has distinct compartments and go with all kinds of outfits.

If you’re somewhat of a minimalist bag lover that is on a budget or prefer to not spend on bags, I highly recommend ZALORA Malaysia’s sling bags. I got mine from the local online boutique like two years back and I can attest to its sturdiness and cute style.

I’m not really a big spender on bags so the sling carry companions by ZALORA are so right up my alley. I’ve curated a list for you to eyeball down below. Enjoy!


Black Loop Strap Saddle Bag


| shop here


Black Loop Strap Sling Bag


| shop here


Light Grey Round Sling Bag


| shop here


Loop Side Detail Grey Crossbody Bag


| shop here


Tan Classic Saddle Bag


| shop here


Which sling bag style has stirred your inner minimalist’s heart? Share below – I’d love to know!

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