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Fashionista NOW: 7 Ways To Wear Culottes In Cold Weather

Credit | Masha Sedgwick

Obsessed with culottes? Extend the life of your culottes beyond summer and well into the much cooler weather with this styling guide.

Let us swiftly begin by eyeballing the gloriously autumnal look worn by Masha (intro pic). The burnt orange culottes go seamlessly with the mossy green sweater, I just love it!

The long vest adds an additional layer of warmth while keeping her right on trend. Immediately, your eyes scan for the boots that have chunky sparkly heels. With the culottes’ signature length, pay attention to the footwear you choose to wear them with as it becomes a focal point of your outfit. In this case, Masha’s mid-calf booties are a definite win.


| BB Huang

Love your culottes so much can’t bear to part with them even as temps drop? Well, you don’t have to! BB Huang keeps her outfit in a monochrome mood by pairing her white culottes with a high-neck sweater, glossy ankle boots and a hat in black.

| MillyQ Chung

Wear a slouchy and divinely cozy sweater with your wide-legged pants. Since both of the pieces are already the ultimate picture of laidback-ness, choose a smart boxy heeled shoe and a small quilted clutch to carry. Sprinkle away with minimalist jewelry for a look of comfy sophistication.

| Wallace Yolicia

If the chill isn’t too bitey, wear a mesh paneled bodysuit with your black culottes. Top them off with a plaid coat, peep-toe booties, croc textured bag and a hat.

| Elvira Abasova

For an outfit iteration that will ease your culottes into a professional setting, take a cue from Elvira. A properly high heel is thrown in the chic mix of navy, black and grey. She layers a longer grey coat over her blazer that goes over her black top.

| Wioletta Kuprowska

If you’re into oxfords, don’t miss the opportunity of sporting them with your culottes. Layer it up on top as needed. Where it is humid even as it is chilly, choose insulating fabric that is also quite breathable as an outerwear that you can slip in and out according to your needs.

| Mode Rosa

For the rainy nippy weather, you can wear your culottes to blend with your over-the-knee boots in the same color. This is visually elongating while letting you wear your culottes well beyond the sunny stretch. Cool, right?

Dear culottes-obsessed: How do you personally style your culottes in cold weather? Share below – I’d love to know!

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