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Fashionista NOW: 7 Nature-Inspired Acorn Necklace Style Ideas

7 Nature-Inspired Acorn Necklace Style Ideas

Let acorns adorn your neck this season! Here’s a list of 7 beautiful acorn charm necklaces to consider.

The acorn is a seed of the mighty oak tree. It represents strength and potential. In these two proverbs, “mighty oaks from little acorns grow” and “every majestic oak tree was once a nut who stood his ground” – you can instantly grasp the powerful message referring to how a mighty oak tree that grows into hundreds of years in age goes through all the extreme seasonal changes, has a humble beginning and it comes in the form of a little acorn.

In the wild, acorns make for one of the most vital foods for birds and both small and large mammals. If you’re a nature lover, you would also know that the acorns are a kind of nut, which is consumed by some human cultures.

It goes without saying that acorns inspire artistic interpretations and within the jewelry-making sphere, the unmistakable shape of an acorn is witnessed in pendants and charms. For this post, I have curated a list of seven gorgeous acorn-inspired necklaces for your dose of jewelry style inspo!



Acorn Locket Necklace


| FierceDeer


Antique Acorn Charm Necklace


| TheVintageAcorn


Antique Amber Acorn Necklace


| FishesGiveKisses


Antique Gold Wooden Acorn Necklace


| belleonabudget


Dainty Bronze Acorn Necklace


| GoldAndChic


Gold Tiny Acorn Necklace


| DevinMichaels


Small Silver Acorn Necklace


| twobadcats


Which acorn necklace is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

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