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Fashionista NOW: 7 Geometric Chic Triangle Necklaces Fashion Inspiration

7 Geometric Chic Triangle Necklaces Fashion Inspiration

Triangle power! Find 7 minimalist triangle pendant necklaces plus a dive into the symbolism behind the three-sided polygon.

The jewelry trend spotlight today shines on an array of stunning and wearable triangle necklaces. The love for geometric shapes has never been this strong and coupled with a minimalist spin on the construction of the sparkly adornment, we can’t help but to zone in on the triangle pendant, especially the inverted ones!

For a look at 7 drool-worthy delicate triangle necklaces and to learn about the hidden meanings behind the triangle as a symbol, scroll on away below.

7 Delicate Triangle Pendant Necklaces To Wear Right Now:


DoubleBJewelry | dainty chevron triangle necklace

The symbolism behind the triangle runs pretty deep. The shape is in associated with the number three as it is a three-sided polygon and thus appears in many religious and cultural contexts. The three parts may refer to concepts like the mind, body and soul or in the context of our experience of time – past, present and the future.


NatureVibe | hammered gold triangle necklace

In occultism, the triangle is utilized as a summoning symbol whereupon the desired being is expected to appear within the inscribed triangle on the floor.


Yameyu | minimalist gold triangle necklace

In Christianity, the triangle commonly reflects the holy trinity and of course, one can’t run from the association that the triangle has with the Illuminati.


Minimal2Boho | minimalist gold triangle pyramid necklace

The upside down or inverted triangle is associated with female energy, water and earth whereas the triangle that points up is associated with male energy, fire and air. Interestingly, a lot of necklaces that appear to have appealed to the female (and male) crowd feature triangles that point down.


NinaKuna | shiny tiny triangle gold necklace

If you’ve grown up watching the Blair Witch, you will remember the eerie tied-up twigs hanging in the woods. They are all in the shape of a five-pointed compound symbol with a middle triangle that faces down – considered to be a charm or magic symbol amongst medieval wizards and alchemists.


JewelryVV | three triangle stack pendant necklace

The triangle that points up may also symbolize the rising up and into the spirit world while the point-down triangle symbolizes the descending back into the physical realm.


amandadeer | tiny triangle gold necklace

The combination of an upward-pointing triangle and the downward-pointing one results in a hexagram (six-pointed star) which is used in occult rituals with a surrounding circle. Minus the circle and within the Jewish tradition, it refers to the Star of David.

How do you like our triangle necklace assortment showcased here? Any favorite(s)? Be sure to drop what you think of the many meanings behind the triangle because I sure want to know!

“Look up, laugh loud, talk big, keep the color in your cheek and the fire in your eye, adorn your person, maintain your health, your beauty and your animal spirits.”William Hazlitt

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