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Fashionista NOW: 10 Ways To Wear A Dress And Sneakers Combo Like A Pro

Credit | Yuzi Katrina

Join me as I welcome the holy matrimony of an unlikely pairing: a dress and sneakers. Girly and sporty, the realest opposite attracts in fashion heaven!

Here’s a combo that I’ve yet to try as I’ve always been one of the boring types that will only pair sneakers with jeans (or other trouser types). And as I’ve recently rekindled my love for wearing dresses, I just can’t wait to play around with this totally fun partnership of a dress and a pair of sneakers.

Here’s a total random tidbit about myself: I’ve not known anyone in my life who isn’t a fan of sneakers and thus experience deep suspicion over folks who don’t wear the deliciously comfy footwear. And guess what? This sadly includes the stunning Shay Mitchell who acts as Emily on Pretty Little Liars. Get this: The girl is more comfortable in heels than sneakers! She said it so herself. Gasp! Why Emily, I mean, why Shay! My imaginary relationship with a celebrity aside…Could you please tell me if I’m the only one who feels unhinged in heels?

I’ve perhaps worn sneakers in primary school with my blue pinafore dress before but that doesn’t count because my sneakers were without laces because I didn’t care about them. My relationship with the laced sneakers is — honest talk, right here — is actually pretty recent as the prospect of tying a shoe lace would cause me palpitations but I’ve actually found out that really, it’s not as difficult as it looks. Hilarious, I know.

Without further ado, in the spirit of embracing the holy matrimonial of the dress and sneakers this season, below are ways that you could wear them together and look proper chic as you give your jeans the much needed rest.

What kind of dress shall I wear with my sneakers, you ask?

| May B.

Wear with a comfy grey T-shirt dress with waist cutout, cap and fun ombre blue hair.

| Anna Pogribnyak

Wear with a drop waist collared dress layered over a dusty pink jacket that is also a convertible coat.

| Marie J.

Wear with a relaxed fit black shirt dress for a minimalist sporty vibe.

| Jenny C.

Wear with a front button long embroidered dress and sexy bed hair.

| Josefin T.

Wear with a flowy patterned daydress and an edgy pixie hairstyle.

| Reingeschlupft

Go for the pairing of a striped dress and striped sneakers for a cheeky take on the print on print look. With a top knot.

| Christian Riley

Another take on a similar style above: Wear with a striped dress for a total lined look from top to toe. Don’t forget the neck chain!

| Elisa Bellino

Wear to dress down an abstract maxi dress.

| Leandra Melanie Comment

Wear with a gingham shirt dress for a comfy chic interpretation. Carry a statement clutch.

Which of the dress and sneakers outfit style resonate with you? I’d love to know so share away below!

“The key to personal style is understanding your individual beauty enough to know which looks will work for you and which probably won’t.”Stacy London

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