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Fashionista NOW: 10 Ways To Sport The Mini Denim Skirt Trend This Summer

Free your legs in mini denim skirts. Don’t know how to style the short skirt? Worry not, find 10 OOTD ideas to help you out here!

The sun is in your face and there’s breeze tickling your nose and whispering in your ears. It’s the time for legs to be out in the open and what better way to do than in a mini denim skirt, right? Well, if you’re unsure how to pull off the look considering that you’ve taken the mini denim skirt out of your wardrobe equation for a while now, not to worry as this post will have these street style-savvy fashionistas from across the globe showing you how.

I don’t know about you but wearing skirts make me feel free when the humidity level is killer here in tropical Malaysia. With a short skirt you can bet you’ll have a higher level of ventilation.

Denim skirts provide some level of insulation too so you if you’re popping into a chilled mall, you won’t shrivel up and die. Unless the AC is set to severe winter temps which is rarely the case here yet, in my experience. With so many mini denim skirt styles to choose from, to avoid headache, you can opt for the classics, with a front center button or zip closure, in a shape that flatters your posterior.

To keep it chic and easy to wear with all kinds of tops and blouses, choose a mini denim skirt that’s without embroidered patches, so you can increase the wearability of the summer wardrobe staple.

Without further ado, here’s a list of looks to show you how you can slay it in a mini denim skirt yourself in various casual outfit iterations. Enjoy!

Which mini denim skirt look is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

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