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Fashionista NOW: 10 Statement Red Clutch Styles For Your Christmas 2016 Wardrobe

10 Statement Red Clutch Styles For Your Christmas 2016 Wardrobe

A statement clutch in brilliant red can be the vital accessory to making your Christmas party wardrobe POP.

To help you locate that perfect red clutch that will complement and enhance your party ensemble, I’ve created a list of TEN clutch styles that are worth considering.

What I like in a clutch or purse to go well with a party wardrobe of any kind lies in its functional aspect as well as the aesthetic appeal. Because it’s after all a pretty bag at the end of the day, I’d want it to be compact but not too tiny that it defeats the real purpose of it being there. It needs to be able to contain the essentials because a clutch that looks like it’s about to explode will crimp your best party outfit.

A RED clutch can do so much if you’re aiming to dress in muted colors because of its instant visual bang factor. It’s a must-have for everyone and their great grandmas as it will enliven a look in a jiff! Enjoy looking through the compilation down below.


10 Party-Worthy RED Clutch Styles That Will Go With Your Outfit


Embossed Red Christmas Clutch


| MeDusaBags


Japanese Inspired Red Felt Clutch


| FMLdesign


Red Crochet Clutch Wrislet


| KeraSoftwear


Red Geometric Hexagon Clutch


| MartenLab


Shiny Red Statement Clutch


| Dagabags


Marsala Red Silk Lace Clutch


| LovekaHandmade


Red Lego Statement Clutch


| agabag


Vintage 80s Cherry Red Scallop Clutch


| MadLexVintage


Vintage Style Red Leather Clutch


| KishaDesigns


Vintage 60s Pleated Red Mesh Clutch


| Bethlesvintage


Which red clutch is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

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