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Fashionista NOW: 10 Fringe Bag Styles Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Ninni W.

Whether it’s on a crossbody bag, backpack, clutch or tote, the presence of fringe can really up your style ante in an instant. For someone with a fringe phobia, this can be a challenge. Find out how to nip this phobia in the bud, what cool fringe bag styles are there and how to to include them in your wardrobe.

Have you always wanted to try wearing something fringy but can’t seem to commit to the array of fringe style tops, cardigans, shorts and even skirts because well, they just seem a bit much for you to take in?

I know some people do not like the feeling of pieces of fabric tickling their skin when they least expect it as it can make them jump. Do you relate to this? If this is one of the major reasons you avoid clothing with fringe, perhaps the way to wear the trend is via bags with fringes cut in a fabric, style and length that you’re comfortable with.

Nip Your Fringe Phobia

With fringe bags, the scare factor is placed into a much controlled box as since you’re holding the bag, the piece-y fringe bits that swing this way and that are much evident to your awareness thus reducing the likelihood that you’ll be jumping out of your skin and screaming trying to get away from the imaginary creepy-crawlies you think are out to get you.

Ready to give a little bit of fringe a go? As always, let us draw some style inspiration from the fashionistas below and see the variety of fringe bag styles available and how they make them part of their look.

Fringe Bag Styles That Will Not Be Mistaken As Cousin Itt:

Fringe Shoulder Bag

| Glena Martins

Fringe Crossbody Bag / Clutch

| Samieze

Fringe Backpack / Hand-Carry

| Michelle Dion

Fringe Foldover Clutch

| Duygu Trgt

Fringe Hand-Carry

| Taylor Balding

Fringe / Tassel Crossbody Bag

| E. Maille

Fringe Shoulder Bag

| Alison Hutchinson

Fringe Tote

| Amanda Runde

Fringe Bucket Bag

| Mickylene Delgado


Back to you: Do you happen to avoid fringed clothing because of the specific fringe phobia mentioned earlier? Like any of the fringe bag styles shown? Share your thoughts below – I’d love to know!

“Many women have asked me if it is possible to have a well-built wardrobe on a limited budget. ‘Money,’ I tell them, ‘is no guarantee of taste, and an overstuffed wardrobe is often as bare as a skeleton when it comes to wearable apparel.'”Edith Head

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