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Fashionista NOW: 10 Floral-Inspired Outfit Ideas Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Astri Tyas

Find out how you can give your wardrobe a floral punch this season with the help of 10 gorgeous floral outfit ideas from the Polyvore community!

Flowers are starting to bloom in closets of fashionistas all across the globe. The floral mood that’s taking over bit by bit is felt here closer to home as boutiques load up on their latest offerings of the flowery kind.

The floral print trend can be quite in-the-face at first glance but if you keep it one floral piece at a time and team it with other neutral or solid color(s), you’re bound to dazzle. And if loud colors aren’t your thing, there are monochrome varieties waiting to be plucked off the shelves. My favorite floral garment often comes in the form of a top decorated with tiny floral motif in colors that are earthy as opposed to the fluorescent breed.

So, if you find yourself in the mood to punctuate your wardrobe with something flowery, here are 10 marvelous polyvore fashion sets to get you clued in on how to make that stylish floral statement:

10 FLOWER POWER Outfit Ideas For A Foolproof CHIC Look:

Flower Power

| Anastasia


| Bienvenue


| heartart

Flower Power

| Lola

Flower Power

| Fy_ona3091

Flower Child

| emc1397

Cream n flower

| Astoria Chung

The earth laughs in flowers

| maartinavg


| symone

The Secret History

| MissReverie

Which floral outfits above are you inclined to wear? How would you style your own personal floral-themed wardrobe? Share below – I really want to know!

“Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts.”Sigmund Freud

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