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Studio Equipment Malaysia : Illuminator 5500K Continuous Lighting System

Illuminator Icon

Illuminator Lightboxes : RM 350 Per Pair ( 2 x 190 cm Light Stands Included )

Illuminator 135W Bulbs : RM 45 each ( Buy 7 free 1 ) * 10125 Lumens = 540 Watts Incandescent Equivalent *


Standard Package : 2 x Light Heads , 2 x 50*70cm Softboxes, 2 x 190 cm Stands, 8 x 150W Bulbs = RM 350 approx

( 2 x 190 cm Light Stands Included ) * 40500 Lumens = 1080 Fluorescent Watts = 4320 Incandescent Watts *


Ace Package : 2 x Light Heads , 2 x 60*90cm Softboxes, 2 x 280 cm Air Cushioned Large Stands, 10 x 150W Bulbs = RM 520 Approx

( 2 x 280 cm Light Stands Included ) * 50625 Lumens = 1350 Fluorescent Watts = 5400 Incandescent Watts *




Outdoor Power Source ( If You Plan To Use This Light Outdoor )

1000W Inverter For Outdoor Use : RM 449 if buy with battery ( By itself is RM 499 )

1500W Inverter For Outdoor Use : RM 549 if buy with battery ( By itself is RM 599 )

2000W Inverter For Outdoor Use : RM 649 if buy with battery ( By itself is RM 699 )

20Ah Battery For Inverter : RM 149



Orders & Enquiries

Please email us at or call us at 012-3375629

( We are also available on Whatsapp but if urgent please make phone call ya )



Illuminator 5500K Continuous Light Front


  • You need this if you want good depth of field in studio
  • What you see is what you get
  • Easy to setup, plug & play, no tuning necessary
  • Cool daylight balanced continuous fluorescent light, minimal heat
  • Suitable for photography and video work



  • High ISO is needed ( ISO 400 – 800 )
  • Portable power needed if want to bring for outdoor use

Illuminator 5500K Continuous Light Back

The Lightboxes

  • Lamp holders are made of ceramic which makes them durable against heart
  • Independent dual Switches for you to easily control the light intensity on your subject
  • Quality 60 cm x 60 cm soft box attachment distributes the light evenly


The Bulbs

  • These environmentally friendly energy saving lights are specially manufactured for digital imaging work with 8000 hours of usage life
  • Each bulb produces 135 fluorescent watts ( Equals to 540 Watts of normal bulb light as fluorescent lights are more efficient )
  • As each light box houses 4 bulbs, this amounts to a total of 540 fluorescent watts for each light box at full power ( 2000 watts of normal bulb light )
  • The lights are flicker free, daylight balanced at 5500K and gives a soft wrap around light which does not produce harsh shadows and hotspots


Situational Advantages

  • Good for people who does not like to use speed lights or strobes, continuous lights are much much more hassle free
  • Very useful in sessions which involves children and babies as there will be no sudden flashes of light to startle them
  • Excellent for filming wedding events, make up sessions, dinners, on stage work and many more
  • Suitable for shooting metallic products as soft light is produced with this system

Illuminator 5500K Continuous Light Lights On

Illuminator 5500K Continuous Light Side

Illuminator 5500K Continuous Light With Lights


Illuminator Schematic

Videos For Inspiration











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