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In Malaysia Now : Voigtlander 15mm f4.5 Super Wide Heliar-VM mount



Promotional Price : RM 2279 RM 1979 ( We also accept payments in SGD ) ( Kindly Contact Us For Unbelievable Best Price )

Available Mounts : All Mirrorless Bodies

Purchase Options : Shipping Available To All Parts of Malaysia, Self Pick Up Is Available at our branch in Cheras



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NEW: our first and most traditional lens, the 15 mm Super Wide Heliar, comes in a new edition:

By popular request this lens has been designed with a M-Bajonett-Mount as well as a filter mount.




Manufacturer : Voigtlander

Technology Background : German

Focal Length : 15 mm

Largest aperture : F4.5

Smallest aperture : F22

Lens Construction : 6 groups, 8 elements

Picture Angle : 110 Degrees

Aperture blades : 10

Closest Distance : 0.5 m

Diameter : 59.4 mm

Length : 38.2 mm

Weight : 156 g

Filter Size : 52 mm








Voigtländer is an optical company founded by Johann Christoph Voigtländer in Vienna in 1756.

Being the oldest name in camera and lens manufacture, it produced the Petzval photographic lens (the fastest lens at that time: f/3.7) in 1840.

They also made the world’s first all-metal daguerrotype camera (Ganzmetallkamera) in 1841 and bringing out plate cameras shortly afterwards.

It set up a branch office in Braunschweig in 1849, moving its headquarters there later.

The company issued stock in 1898, and a majority of the shares were acquired by Schering in 1925.

Over the next three decades, Voigtländer became a technology leader and the first manufacturer to introduce several new kinds of products that later became mainstream.

These include the first zoom lens for 35mm still photography (36–82/2.8 Zoomar) in 1960 and the first 35mm compact camera with built-in electronic flash (Vitrona) in 1965.

Schering sold its share of the company to the Carl Zeiss Foundation in 1956, and Zeiss and Voigtländer integrated in 1965.

In 1972 Zeiss/Voigtländer stopped producing cameras, and a year later Zeiss sold Voigtländer brand to Rollei.

On the collapse of Rollei in 1982, Plusfoto took over the name, selling it in 1997 to Ringfoto.

Since 1999, Voigtländer-branded products have been manufactured and marketed by Cosina.




1 comment to In Malaysia Now : Voigtlander 15mm f4.5 Super Wide Heliar-VM mount

  • Nia

    Hi there. The review link that you provide shows the new mark3 lens. This picture seems like the mark2. I’m curious to know whether this is the mark2 or mark3. Because the mark2 has kinda heavy color cast on sony a7.

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