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Essential Studio Equipment : AIPO AP-38EX Digital Dry Cabinet ( 38 Litres )


Price : RM 440


Humidity Control : Digital

Capacity : 38 Litres

Dimension : W 29 cm x D 30 cm x H 45.9 cm

Weight : 6 kg

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AIPO Digital Series (24cm x 24cm tray) (Shown in picture: 1 80-200 f2.8 lens and 2 50mm lenses)



Features of the Aipo Black Label Collection ( EX Series )


1 ) Designed to give professionals absolute peace of mind

2 ) All Ex Series have automatic digital feedback control to accurately control and maintain the desired humidity value

3 ) Users are only required to key-in the desired %RH once and everything else will be safely handled automatically

4 ) The drying module will operate at full rated power whenever the internal %RH is above the desired value.

5 ) The drying module will automatically switch off once the ideal %RH has been reached, this ensures that the internal %RH does not get too dry

6 ) Built in memory ensures that no readjustment of the ideal %RH is needed even in the event of a power black-out


General Humidity Guideline

Refference Chart

Understanding The Enemy


Ideal Conditions For Fungus Growth

  1. %RH above 50% and reaches its peak growing rate between 70% to 90%, which is the common %RH reading for tropical climate
  2. Dark places
  3. Place with little or no air flow ( Eg. camera bags, store rooms )
  4. Temperature between 10 to 35 degrees Celsius


Why invest in a dry cabinet

  • The cost of cleaning just 2 infected lenses is already higher than the cost of a dry cabinet
  • If the expensive coating on the glass is infected, this coating will be removed as well during the cleaning process. Thus, the optical quality of the glass will deteriorate (introducing more purple fringing, ghosting, flaring and etc)
  • Since a lens is so compact and precise, 100% restoration is difficult to be achieved after dismantling your lens for cleaning purposes. Thus, mechanical quality of the lens might suffer as well (introducing more distortion and front/back focusing problem)
  • Considering all these effects, why not invest in a dry cabinet now? Just treat it as an insurance for your 10k++ equipment.


Why AIPO ?

  1. Durability – All AIPO dry cabinets are designed to last up to 20 years of continuous usage. All units come with 5 years warranty.
  2. Energy Saving – Class leading Patented Taiwan TE Semiconductor Cooling Technology saves electricity ( 5 Watts )
  3. Easy To Use – Digital Meter and Digital Control for precise and absolute ease of operation. Internal built in memory remembers individual settings even after power blackout.
  4. Environmental Friendly – All cabinets does not emit heat or noise
  5. Performance – AIPO dry cabinets have the best performance to cost ratio in the market



Ultra-Thin Patented External Dehumidification Core

  • AIPO Digital Series Dry Cabinet adopts the latest TE% cooling wafer design.
  • When the humidity in the cabinet exceeds the setting value, the microcomputer will activate cooling wafer. Moisture will be cooled and condensed on the condensation board.
  • When the humidity in the cabinet becomes lower than the setting value, the cooling wafer will be deactivated. The water vapor is then channeled through guide holes and evaporate to the external environment, thus achieving dehumidification effect.
  • This method eliminates the use of fan and any mechanical parts, achieving greater energy saving and total noiseless operation, yet rapid dehumidification.
  • You can now place AIPO Digital Series Dry Cabinet next to your bed and sleep soundly at night.


Digital Control Explained


  • A digital control utilizes a feedback control loop to accurately control the humidity reading within the preset value
  • Users are only required to key-in the ideal %RH once and the rest is being handled by the feedback control loop
  • The drying module will operate with full rated power whenever the internal %RH is above the preset %RH value
  • The power supply to the drying module will be cut once the preset %RH is reached, thus ensuring that the internal %RH does not get too dry
  • An in-built memory makes sure that the preset %RH is stored and no re-adjustment is necessary after a power black-out
  • No battery is required to operate the digital meter
  • Much faster drying capability than analog control


Analog Control Explained


  • An Analog Control Dry Cabinet utilizes a simple control knob (pic) to adjust the input power to the drying module.
  • Position 1 indicates the maximum rated power (low %RH) while Position 5 indicates the least power (high %RH) supplied to the dry cabinet
  • An equilibrium is reached when the amount of moisture seeping into the dry cabinet is equivalent to the amount of moisture removed through the adjusted strength of the drying module


Advantages of Digital Control

    1. Faster drying capability.
    2. No fine-tuning or frequent adjusting required. The %RH will not go below your set value.
    3. Memory that remembers your set %RH even after a power blackout.
    4. Peace of mind. Just key in your desired %RH once and it will maintain the %RH for life.


Note: Analog control has the potential for the %RH to go too low if it is left un-monitored for weeks/months since there is no control. This could be harmful to your equipment


The Aipo In Action



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