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Good Hope Dynamics : Salt – shot using Kodak Proimage 100 + Canon Av1 + Canon 50mm f1.4 SSC (Malaysia)

Salt is one of the most well known and widely available resource, it also has many uses. Apart from seasoning food, it is also good for your body, (in small amounts of course) it can clean, de-icing walkways/highways, and it’s also used in the chemical industry.
Salt is used in almost every savory and some sweet food as seasoning. Salt can be used to relieve pain as well as heal wounds.

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Good Hope Dynamics : Light – shot using Kodak Proimage 100 + Canon Av1 + Canon 50mm f1.4 SSC 14 (Malaysia)

Light shines, light reveals, light shows the way, light attracts…

Light is always placed up high where it is able to shine and not hidden where nobody can see it. In the morning, there is the sun but during the night we have street lamps and other sources of light to show the way or we would surely stumble in the dark, oblivious to where we’re going.
Light also attracts some creatures but also drives away others, this is called phototaxis. Positive phototaxis means when a whole organism moves towards light and negative phototaxis is when it moves away from light. Example of such that moves away from light are cockroaches and earthworms, the generally more creepy creatures.

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Good Hope Dynamics : Little Talents – shot using FUJIcolor C200 film + Canon Av1 + Helios 58mm f2 19 (Malaysia)

Imagine you’re in a situation where there is a need but you feel that what you can contribute is too little or almost insignificant, what would you do? Would you still contribute?

This situation presented itself to a little boy when he was faced with five thousand hungry men, the little boy only having five barley loaves and two fishes still chose to contribute what he had and what resulted was Jesus multiplying the little that he had until there was more than enough to feed everyone!

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Good Hope Dynamics : Trapped in guilt – shot using Kodak Colorplus 200 + Canon Av1 + Canon 50mm f1.4 SSC (Malaysia)

A young boy and his little sister went to their grandparent’s house which was a rural area for the holidays. One afternoon, the boy went behind the house and tested his slingshot. He aimed at one of his grandmother’s ducks and shot its head, it killed the duck.
The boy realizing what he has done was filled with guilt, he took the dead duck and hid it. However, his sister saw the whole thing.
 That night after dinner, his sister was told to do the dishes but she told the boy to do it for her or she will tell their grandmother what happened to the duck. The boy filled with fear and guilt went and did it for her.

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Good Hope Dynamics : Plan of Redemption – shot using Agfa Vista Plus 200 + Canon Av1 + Canon 50mm f1.4 SSC (Malaysia)

Have you ever done something really bad that you thought no one would ever forgave you? I’m guessing most of us have had this experience at least once, me including.
One thing I really love hearing are testimonies of people that most considered are beyond hope but are redeemed by God and given new hope and purpose in life!
One such person would be the apostle Paul formerly named Saul from Acts 8 who started out going into every home and dragging out those who were of the church and imprisoning them thinking that he was doing God a favor.
Most would think that he was beyond hope but God asked one of His disciples to meet him and pray for him, even the disciple debated on meeting Saul but God in His love and mercy chose to redeem Saul and he became one of the greatest missionary spreading the love of God to many.

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Good Hope Dynamics : Through our window – shot using Kodak Proimage 100 + Canon Av1 + Canon 50mm f1.4 SSC (Malaysia)

A couple was at their home one day when the husband saw through their window how dirty their neighbour’s house was.
The husband then told his wife how dirty their neighbour’s house was and about them being lazy and not cleaning their own home. This continued on everyday for some time until one day the husband saw that the neighbour’s house was clean, then he went and told his wife “looks like our neighbour has finally decided to clean their house“.
His wife answered “no dear, I just cleaned our window“. The neighbour’s house has been clean the whole time but because the husband has been looking through his own dirty window, he thought it was their house that was dirty.
Some of us are quick to judge people’s flaws but when we take a look at ourselves, we will see that we are no better off. Sometimes we might even judge others wrongly just like the husband who thought that it was the neighbour’s house was dirty but it was actually his own home that is dirty.

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Good Hope Dynamics : Tree without water – shot using Fujicolor C200 film + Canon Av1 + Helios 58mm f2 ( Malaysia )

Can a tree survive without water?

I’m sure we all know the answer to that, without water the tree will dry out and die, and the loss of trees will not only hurt the urban ecosystem but also cause temperatures to rise affecting everyone around them.
But what about humans and love, can humans survive without love? We know humans need food, water and shelter to survive but love is what makes life worth living.

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