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Fashionista NOW: Modern Flower Power – Graphic Floral Print Trend For 2012

Graphic florals that visually jump out from your outfit and ready to plant themselves on the nearest flower bed is in this sunny season. Fashion lovers of bold and graphic patterns will not want to miss out on this modern floral trend.

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Fashionista NOW: Sass It Up With Trend-Setting Detachable Collars

The detachable collar trend is worth looking into this season as nothing’s more versatile than collars that promise to transform your outfit into a more polished, elegant and even quirky finish. Comparable to the statement necklace, the removable collar can bring a distinct character to your outfit depending on the type of collar you decide to put on.

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Fashionista NOW: The Scallop Fashion Trend For 2012

Scallop details in clothing proves that tiny little things do matter and can make a big difference in your outfits. The scallop trend introduces subtle accents in the shape of scalloped edges around the hemlines, necklines and also on accessories.

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Holiday Dream Studio


Location Rental : RM 150 for 3 Hours ( Special Rates For Sessions Longer Than 3 Hours, please contact us for details )

Our location is in Serdang. For booking and enquiries please contact 012-3375629 or write to us at shops.famecherry@gmail.com

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CHÉRI : Michelle Lee @ Alam Damai Park


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CHÉRI : Christine Gan @ Taman Alam Damai ( Alam Damai Park )


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Fashionista NOW: Flaunt Your Curves With Cut Out Shoulder Tops

Cut out shoulder tops are so stylishly feminine that they’re a must-have especially if you own a pair of lovely shoulders. And, who doesn’t eh? Read on for more style tips.

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epicpictures: been a while since the last…


Been a while since the last post, which was done before CNY 2012, http://famecherry.com/photo/epicpictures-photo/da/epicpictures-happy-chinese-new-year-2012-year-of-the-dragon/

Things been up and down, plan to start a project which ports the design to another medium. Faced plenty of obstacles, still on hold but it is getting there soon. I guess some might have known what this project i was referring to. Nothing big but important enough for me as a personal milestone.

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Fashionista NOW: Tribal Fashion Trend 2012 For Lovers of Patterns And Prints

Tribal and Aztec prints are in this fashion season and lovers of bold patterns will find the alternative to the hyped up flora and fauna prints of yestertrends a pleasant breath of fresh air. Read on to find out how to wear the tribal prints stylishly.

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Ace Model From Hong Kong : From Dawn Till Dusk ~ Rabbitluv You @ Taipan USJ


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Ace Model From Hong Kong : Home Alone Time ~ Rabbitluv You


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Ace Model From Hong Kong : Happily Ever After ~ Rabbitluv You @ Pullman Lakeside


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