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Malacca : A Taste Of Malaysia For Our Foreign Friends

Recently I have had a foreign friend who visited Malaysia. And of course, me, being the good host I am, I naturally selected Malacca as one of the must see’s for my friend.

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Fashionista NOW: A Pop Of Purple In Fashion – Embracing The Color Trend

Introducing bright colors into your closet can be an intimidating move especially when you are so used to wearing dark and subdued tones. But if you have suddenly grown tired of the monochromatic mood of your clothes and are looking for the perfect starter color to bring you out of the gloom, I highly suggest the color purple!

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Fashionista NOW: High Heels Health Risks Confirmed By Study

Marilyn Monroe once said, “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.” But findings of an Australian research show that while they are divine things for some ladies, regular use may cost you your health.

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Pop Shoot : The Four Seasons Of Marriage ~ Jazz MCheen Kua


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Fashionista NOW: Casual Fashion For Your Sunny Day Out

The old Malaysian sunny weather calls for a fashionable yet practical outfit for a day out in the sun. If you’re running out of ideas, let us show you how you can look your best when the sun’s burning hot in the background.

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Pop Shoot : Women At Work ~ Mechanic Girl, featuring ; Taylor Yap

Sexy Mechanic Girl

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Fashionista NOW: Looking For A Way To Spice Up Your Mane? Try The Ombre Hairstyle Trend

Tired of your hairstyle or hair color? Looking for an easy way to give your hair a lift in terms of style or color? Read on and you’ll be pleased to find out about the ombre hairstyle trend.

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Pop Shoot : Dream ~ Vanessa Yap


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Pop Shoot : Killed By The Fashion Assassin, featuring ; Yvone Tan


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Fashionista NOW: Celebrate Chinese New Year 2012 In Red & Dragon Inspired Colors

Celebrate Chinese New Year with your best styles inspired by the popular color red and a variety of cheerful colors of the dragon as 2012 marks the year of the divine animal, according to the Chinese calendar.

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CHÉRI : Don’t Don’t Don’t Give Up ~ Taylor Yap


Flair : Curve, Vitality, Youth

Personal Motto : Don’t Don’t Don’t Give Up

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Epicpictures: Happy Chinese New Year 2012! Year of the Dragon – Updated

Chinese New Year 2012

After some reviews from friends, family, and peers, decided to create another CNY greeting. A more optimistic and uplifting mood to this. The message “peeking into the dragon year” – means that it carries hope and look forward for the better this year though it is still very much at the early stage.

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