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Essential Dream Home ~ Lambert, Foosball Table ( Malaysia )


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Essential Dream Home ~ Gitoni, Foosball Table ( Malaysia )


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Fashionista NOW: Fashion Quotes To Mark The End Of 2011

The world of fashion is focused on appeasing the spirit of vanity present in each on of us and it is easy to smirk at the superficial aspect of it. But I believe there is something in fashion that is positive as it allows beauty in our lives to be extended into the way we manage and present ourselves.

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Pop Shoot : Wake Up Café ~ Yvone Tan


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Pop Shoot : The Summer Woods of Taman Bukit Jalil ( Bukit Jalil Park ) ~ Fibiee Liew


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Fashionista NOW: Celebrate New Year’s Eve Indie Punk In Style

If you’re not aiming to look girly and ultra feminine in dresses and soft pastel-y clothing, don’t worry, go punk and edgy in style this new year.

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Portrait Location Database ~ Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir


Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir is a real gem located right in the heart of the city

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Fashionista NOW: Casual Fun New Year’s Look – Go Bright, Bold And Color-Friendly

Transform your new year’s casual look with the inclusion of colors.

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Essential Studio Equipment : Allegro, Dual Colored Wooden Background (Korean Style Backdrop)

allegro wooden background 4

Colors : White and Wood Color ( 2 in 1 Double Sided )

The white colored side is professionally treated for photographic use so there is no reflection and the white color is specifically neutral white




Orders & Enquiries

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( We are also available on Whatsapp but if urgent please make phone call ya )



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Pop Shoot ~ M for MADetta


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Fashionista NOW: Bring Out Nostalgia Through Vintage Dresses And Fashion Photography

As the year ends, we all get that feeling of how fast time flies and we reflect on the experiences and happenings we have gone through the year and past years. Nostalgia’s just a thought away.

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Christmas Shoot : Lovely Santarine ~ Pauline Ek


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