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Studio Equipment Malaysia : 120cm & 140 cm Gridded Stripbox


120cm x 30 cm Gridded Stripbox : RM 189

140cm x 35 cm Gridded Stripbox : RM 199



Umbrella Frame Type ( For Faster Set Up )

Blitz Deploy Gridded Strip Box 150 cm x 30 cm : RM 219 ( Gridded )

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Fashionista Now: Body Chain Jewelry Trend

Body chains made a return in 2009/2010 as the ultimate out-of-the-box statement jewelry option worn over clothing and the trend is still alive and kicking up to this day. Wanna get a clue on how to wear these full body chains?

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Manual Lenses Malaysia : Telezenitar 135mm f2.8 APO Legendary Russian Lens ( Carl Zeiss Technology, Apochromatic Glass )


Promotional Price : RM 1700 RM 1199 ( We also accept payments in SGD )

Available Mounts : Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, NEX, M4/3, M42, Fuji, Samsung, Minolta

Special Characteristics : Super Sharp Wide Open, Super Accurate Color ( Some say this lens has even better color rendering than Carl Zeiss and Leica Lens )



What does APO and Apochromatic mean?

APO is short for apochromatic which is a term used for glass designed to bring three wavelengths of light color ( red, green and blue ) into the camera sensor. Apochromatic glass also corrects for lens distortion at two wavelengths.

Usual normal glass which are not APO brings together only 2 wavelengths of light ( usually red and blue ) and only has one wavelengths of distortion correction.

In 1886, APO glass technology was invented by Carl Zeiss together with physicist Ernst Abbe and glass chemist Otto Schott.






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Orders & Enquiries

Please email us at shops.famecherry@gmail.com or call us at 018-3737197

( We are also available on Whatsapp but if urgent please make phone call ya )




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Fashionista NOW: Puppy Love ~ Dog Prints In Fashion

When animal prints are your go to style option, you’ve got to scour all the species in the animal kingdom for inspiration and this time to satiate your ever needy fashion needs, we’ve got our eyes trained on dog prints!

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Mir 20mm field test


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Fashionista NOW: Back To Basics With The Chambray Fashion Trend

Want of a look that spells laid back yet polished in an understated way? Well, there’s chambray!

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Fashionista NOW: Elephant Prints Fashion Inspiration

If wearing leopard or tiger prints make you want to unleash your inner wild side, what happens if you start wearing elephant prints?

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Fashionista NOW: Rainbow-Inspired Fashion Inspiration

Now is the time to wear not one, not even two but a rainbow of colors out in the sun.

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Fashionista NOW: Butterfly Print Fashion Inspiration

Butterflies are no stranger to fashion. Check out some butterfly printed looks fit for summer and just about any weather.

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Fashionista NOW: The Ripped Jeans Fashion Come Back

Hyped as one of the hottest trends for spring/summer 2013, these ripped jeans have taken over wardrobes of the young and trendy.

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Fashionista NOW: Strawberry Prints In Fashion

Another fruit print that’s on trend this summer is the sweet strawberry print. If you love munching on them, why not wear them as prints too, right?

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Fashionista NOW: How To Turn An Old Skirt Into Palazzo Pants?

Do you have old maxi skirts lying around in your closet gathering dust? Are you tired of wearing leg-hugging trousers and denim pants and have transitioned into their more carefree baggy bohemian counterpart, the palazzo?

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