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Fashionista NOW: The Color Trend ~ Sweet Coral Hues In Fashion

Coral is no stranger when it comes to being one of the celebrated shades for spring/summer fashion. The mix between orange and red have naturally given birth to this lovable sweet and feminine coral.

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Fashionista NOW: Spike Headband Fashion Inspiration

Don’t know what to do with the crown of your head? Looking for some cool hair accessory to get you by on those annoying bad-hair days? Check out spike headbands.

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Fashionista NOW: Six Fashion Trends I’m Not Keen About

Find out six fashion trends that are a sight for sore eyes. Keep in mind that these are just my subjective thoughts on an equally subjective topic that everyone has an opinion of!

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Fashionista NOW: Star Print Fashion Inspiration

If you’re looking for an alternative to galaxy prints and want something closer to earth, check out star prints in fashion.

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Fashionista NOW: The Figure-Friendly Dress ~ Shift Dresses

A dress is never simply a dress to those who religiously wear them. Every gal has her own body type that if and when one dress fits her like a glove, it does not mean her friend of another body type can sport the look seamlessly.

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Rihanna – Stay ft Mikki Ekko ( Official Video) Cover by Aina Suzaily

Fashionista NOW: Dresses In Galaxy Prints

Wanna know how to dress the part of an epic intergalactic fashion queen? Click on.

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Fashionista NOW: Bare Your Midriff In Style With Crop Tops

Crop tops are for flat-bellied girls, we say. But, is our idealism preventing us from taking a chance with a fun fashion trend?

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Fashionista NOW: Color Gradient In Fashion ~ The Ombre Trend

Ombre fashion trend gives dip-dye a new appealing spin by highlighting gentle gradations of a single or more colors. The ombre effect seen on clothing, accessories as well as hairstyles has a surprisingly strong hold in the fashion world.

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Expo & Fairs ~ Pikom PC Fair April 2013 ( Shot using Zenitar 50mm f2.0 )

Fashionista NOW: Statement Blazers In Black & White Stripes

Striped blazers are chic and super easy to wear outerwear that if you’re looking to make a fashion statement in a jiffy, best believe that they’re your answer!

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Pop Shoot : Happily Ever After ~ Shanel Chee ( Mitakon 85mm f2.0 II vs Canon 24-70 f2.8L II )


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