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Fashionista NOW: Get Your Plaid On ~ Dresses In Plaid

I remember the sudden enthusiasm over plaids that took over the college habitat here back a few years ago. It was all hipster-ish more than as a statement of rebellion. It was the cool thing to do, wearing plaids, checks or tartan, whichever way you want to call it.

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Pop Shoot : Super Elegant Cheongsam ~ Everlyn Hoo ( Shot Using Mitakon 135 mm F2.8 )


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Fashionista NOW: The Varsity Jacket Trend

Looking for an outerwear trend to contrast with whatever it is you’re wearing to boost some style points? Give varsity jackets a chance to help you out with that.

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Pop Shoot : Sunshine Girl ~ Quinn Liew ( Shot Using Mitakon 85mm f2.0 II )


Location : Taman Bukit Jalil
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Fashionista NOW: The Fringe Fashion Trend ~ Playing With Swinging Textures

Fring-y garbs aren’t only made for Pocahontas wannabees if you know how to wear them well. Bring a fun twist to your daily outfits with a dose of fringe.

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Video Equipment Malaysia : HDV Z96 Powerbox ( HDV Z96 Led Light Accessories ~ One to Four Power Splitter )


Price : RM 69 ( Led lights, Led Light Dual Holder and Battery Not Included )


Z96 LED Light – http://famecherry.com//lights/hdv-z96

Z96 Dual Holder – http://famecherry.com/video/hdv-z96-dual-holder

NP – F970 Jumbo Battery – http://famecherry.com/video/np-f970-battery

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Fashionista NOW: The Simpsons Fashion Inspiration

If you’ve found yourself chuckling while watching The Simpsons’ animated sitcom, you may already find yourself seeing the characters as pretty adorable (and slightly goofy) in their bright yellow skin tone and strange hair-do.

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Fashionista NOW: Fresh & Casual With A Pop Of Green

Thinking of spicing up your casual look with a touch of color? Choose green as that accent color and see how it transforms just about any outfit.

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A Joyride Towards Downtown ( Shot On Moving Car Using Zenitar 16mm f2.8 Fisheye Lens )


Zenitar 16mm Fisheye Malaysia =)

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Essential Studio Equipment : Mirage Photobooth Backdrop

MIRAGE photobooth

3m x 5m : RM 199

3m x 6m : RM 239

Material : Paper

Your customized design provided to us must be at least 10mb in size to ensure optimum quality

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Fashionista NOW: Batman Fashion Inspiration

If your favorite superhero is Batman and your favorite animal is a bat, there’s all the more reason to stock up your wardrobe with batman-inspired clothes.

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Portrait Location Database ~ Taman Aman ( LRT Station Taman Paramount )


Jalan 22/49, Seksyen 22, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
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