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Manual Lenses Malaysia : Mitakon Zhongyi Lens Turbo Mark II and Mitakon Lens Turbo ( Makes Your Nex, Micro Four Thirds and Fujifilm Camera Into Full Frame ! )


M4/3 Mount Promotional Price : RM 799 RM 549*

M4/3 Mount Mk II Promotional Price : RM 799 RM 599

NEX Mount Mk II Promotional Price : RM 900 RM 599

Fujifilm Mount Mk II Promotional Price : RM 900 RM 599

Special Characteristics : Makes Your Camera Into Full Frame ( x 0.726 ) , Increase Your Lens Aperture By 1 f-stop ( Brighter & More Bohkeh )


Join The Lens Turbo Community : https://www.facebook.com/groups/lens-turbo


Available Mounts

Minolta – NEX

Nikon – NEX

Canon – NEX


Pentax – NEX


M42 – NEX

Canon – M 4/3

Nikon – M 4/3

Canon – Fujifilm

Nikon – Fujifilm

PK – Fujifilm

MD – Fujifilm


Orders & Enquiries

Please email us at shops.famecherry@gmail.com or call us at 012-3375629

( We are also available on Whatsapp but if urgent please make phone call ya )



Our Lenses Available To Use Together With The Lens Turbo : http://famecherry.com/online-store/zenit-malaysia

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The Mitakon brand belongs to a Japanese company.

In the 1980’s, they setup a joint venture company with a Chinese company in Shenyang City.

The company was changed to a private company named SHENYANG MITACON OPTICAL ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. in 2004.


















  • jonet

    can i use with eos 650d and u mean ‘ Makes Your Camera Into Full Frame ‘ crop frame to full frame is it right?

    • Unfortunately the lens turbo is only available for mirrorless camera bodies for now

      for normal dslr still cannot use with be turboed yet

      Yes it will convert the mirrorless camera from crop frame to full frame =D

  • rohazlini binti ramli

    can use it on canon model 60D?how to order…can i get the contact number?

    • I wish haha

      unfortunately this lens turbo is only for mirrorless for now

      my phone is 0123375629

      i can be contacted via phone or whatsapp

  • Krik_Krik_Krik

    can i use with my sony nex 6?

  • Loon Chai

    that mean :
    my nex 7 use 10mm x 1.5 = 15mm
    after use it is 10mm x 1 = 10mm ?

    and how about sharpness ?

    • Yes changes ur nex to full frame

      Sharpness remains the same

      U have email =)

  • zool

    can it be use on nex7 e-mount

  • akaawol

    So does this fit an Olympus epm1? then can use whit what lens? Canon?

  • Irfan A-peace

    i have canon ef 50mm f1.8 and few other lenses will the autofocus work with this on nex?

  • Nia

    Here’s the thing.

    If i use this with crop sensor lens (dx, ef-s), will it vignette? Im planning on buying your mitakon 35mm, will it vignette?

    Because most review is done with manual lens.

    • All manual lenses that we sell will work perfectly with the turbo

      You have email

  • deknot

    wondering if i want to use this adapter with my fujifilm do i need to use 2 adapter for m42 lens?

  • chan

    can i know which mouth can use from canon ef lens to fuji xt1 ?

    • Canon – Fx turbo will be launched in maybe end of this year

      Will contact u asap once it launch

      Thank you =)

  • Alex

    any mounts for olympus m4/3 to full frame? like ep-3 etc.

  • Darwis Iskandar

    I own a blackmagic pocket cinema camera. Some sites are saying this adapter works on the camera while some says it doesn’t (because it just does not fit with the camera’s mount even though it is m4/3 mount). Do you have any confirmation if it does? Can I return it if it doesn’t?

    • We know a special calibration technique that the factory taught us so it absolutely works with black magic camera

      We have customers with the blackmagic camera who bought from us before, and i even tested it myself. It 100% works no worries

  • Alex

    Just curiosity. Seem nex series and Dslt share same aps-c. My question is if I use be to a mount adapter and mount this turbo adapter, does it work that way or do you have a mount type

  • shahril

    how to order? do you accept payment via paypal?

  • dylan

    can i use it on canon eos 70D?how to buy?

  • Razali Ismail

    hi i know i asking the same question as others but i just wondering can the lens turbo fit with blackmagic pocket cinema camera

    • Yes can use =)

      Tested and working proper

      U got email

  • scorp24

    The lens turbo mark II is avaible for fujifilm x-mount?
    I found the older version mark I, but can’t find any news for the mark II

  • Nex

    Hallo will The ZhongYi Lens Turbo II fit SONY @ 6000

  • X-T1

    Hi, is there going to be a m42 to FX version?

  • Adl Chai

    hi can your mount works on fuji X-T1 + Fuji 10-24 F4 OIS? The focal length will become 10mm? and 1 stop brighter? F2.8?

    • Thank you for writing to us on whatsapp =)


  • L Tony KT

    how about NEX non-full frame to full frame adapter? how much is the adapter?

  • Alex Jojo

    Now I have Canon 70-200,Canon 24-105 And 50MM Fixed Lenses ..Can I use It For Sony Alpha Camera With the Help Of this Converter?

  • khoi

    can i use this with OMD-EM10 with 17mm zuiko 1.8?

  • kai

    hi does this adapter supports AF function ?

  • Wong Hon Sern

    Hi! This seems to be an interesting concept over here.So this item will help to change the depth of field of the current NEX lens that i have? it stills connect to an e-mount or could only it only fit Mitakon lens? and does those lens needs to be full frame lenses as well?

  • bulanmka

    can it be mount to olympus omd em5 and i wanna use it with my canon full frame lenses does it works and can use auto focus?

  • Azhar

    so EOS-to-Fujifilm(XPro1,XE-2,XT-1) can also?

  • Galdor

    Am I right to say that there will not be autofocus on these adaptors even though I am using an autofocus lens?
    If I mount a 18-55mm lens (APS-C) with these adaptors it will turn it to an 18-55mm (full frame) view on my camera?
    A full frame 18mm would be very wide, what about the distortion control?

  • Salleh Sheikh Ibrahim As-Saber

    what is the differene between Lens Turbo Mark II and Lens Turbo?

  • Bernard

    hi, do you have stock for Nikon-Fujifilm ? does it support nikon G lens ?

  • Radenes Alsanchez

    m42 — Xmount how much?
    metering works?

  • Radenes Alsanchez

    m42 — Xmount how much?
    metering works?