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Studio Equipment Malaysia : Background Stand ( Backdrop Stand )


Price : RM 245 + Optional GST https://goo.gl/zwusPB




Orders & Enquiries

Please email us at shops.famecherry@gmail.com or call us at 012-3375629

( We are also available on Whatsapp but if urgent please make phone call ya )




Some interesting things you can do with your background stand besides using it to hold your backgrounds : Hack Your Background Stand


  • Harris

    How much pos to miri s’wak?

    • Hello Harris,

      The details you’ve requested are as follows :

      PosLaju – RM 60 ( 2 – 3 working days )

      Air Parcel – RM 30 ( at least a week )

      Kindly note that this is only an estimation, any extra will be refunded to you, if not enough then you will have to top up

  • azizfotography

    hi klu boleh COD ke dlm kawasan kl..atau sy ambil di kedai kamu

    • Love D®.

      This product we will send from Penang

  • Melissa

    Hi, May I know what’s the height & width for the stand? Is that adjustable?
    How much do you charge for delivery to KL? Is there any shop that we can self-collect or COD?

    • Love D®.

      3 m x 3 m , yes the horizontal bar i adjustable

      You’ve got mail =)

  • hi..can i receive this item by tomorrow?i’m in ipoh

    • Love D®.

      Welcome to our online store =)

      You have pm

  • mcm mana nk order background stand ni ye,,, leh bag tau tak plzzzz :)tq

    • Love D®.

      Hello Putra Amirul

      Welcome to our online store =)

      You’ve got email and fb message

  • ray

    where is ur shop ??

    • Love D®.

      Hello Ray

      Welcome to our online store =)

      You’ve got email

  • hello .im want to make a photo studio.can u suggest me the best price for 1 set equipment studio included trigger,softbox,background holder and paper backdrop.~

    • Hello Harry

      Welcome to our online store =)

      You’ve got fb pm

  • charles

    Hi, do u have stock for this item now?

      Hello Charles

      Welcome to our online store =)

      Yes we have ready stock

      You’ve got email

      • Silkolene_ngk

        Gud Morming…I want if this stand can be use as light stand?

  • Silkolene_ngk

    are this backdrop stand can be use as a light stand?

  • Kim

    I’m in Penang, can I self collect at your store?

    •  U’ve got mail =)

      • Darren_chuah

        Dear sir,

        I want to buy and collect from you directly, i am from pg. 

  • Hi, what is the height and width measurement for this one and how much will it cost me for the delivery to Kota Kinabalu? Thank you and hope for your reply

  •  How much will this cost me for the delivery to Kota Kinabalu (I don’t mind slow delivery as long as cheapest , im on a budget) and what is the measurement of the height and width it can extend to? Thank you and hope for your reply

  • Desmond

     Background Stand got stock?…..got pos to miri?….=)

  • Ikhsansani

    How much pos to Kuching s’wak?ikhsansani_ft@yahoo:disqus .com

  • Trexx

    how much post at klang?

  • Azuan

    Hi, Im interested to buy this. Best price you can offer? Im in KL, can I do self collection?

    • You have email =) 

      • pame

        hye saya pame..  bagaimana saya mahukan set lengkap untuk studio?

  • Cynthia Ting

    Hi there, I’ve sent you an email last night, please check, thanks!

  • Ajai Hideaki

    Hye..do u still have this stock?

  • Intan

    Hi admin,how much is the price for background stand, continuous lighting Package A and with this background what type of background that can be used (paper? fabric type?)

  • Mohamad Nor Ridwan

    hi, by any chance do you sell backdrop pole only?

  • Koh Kian-Keong

    how much is the shipping to Kelantan?

  • eggsflorentino

    Hi I’d like to set up a home studio. Can you give me a quotation for background stand, backdrops and some simple lighting to start with please? How can I email you?