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Essential Studio Equipment : Richwin Pure Sine Wave Inverter & Battery Charger


Price : RM 380


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Please email us at shops.famecherry@gmail.com or call us at 012-3375629

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10 comments to Essential Studio Equipment : Richwin Pure Sine Wave Inverter & Battery Charger

  • yusrei


    need review about this product. may be i going to buy this one.


  • yusrei


    I want to know whether the inverter is set up similar functions such as battery pack issued by godox or vegabond?. I intend to find battery pack for Strobe for outdoor use.


  • MJ Low

    Hi, can this inverter use as independent power supply for studio flash? Example when we want to use the studio flash outdoor and there is no power point? If yes, then another thing is this inverter able to provide STABLE current? As far I know you need stable current to operate the studio flash otherwise it will keep discharging the flash itself.I am using 600w studio flash.


    • Love D®.

      Yes it is for providing offsite power supply for strobes

      From my limited knowledge of electricity, the function of the inverter is to stabilize the current so that it can be used for studio flash

  • borneosailor

    bro, can you please email me more info and pictures about this product?

    can this product be used together with your RM350 per pair Illuminator continous lighting system? What I mean is can this inverter provide two power plug outlets to power the Illuminator lighting system?

  • Snakje

    Hi, means this sinewave invertor have built in battery for power storage?

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