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Fashionista NOW: Hand-Shaped Jewelry Ideas That Are Not The Hamsa

Hand-Shaped Jewelry Ideas That Are Not The Hamsa

Beyond the hamsa jewelry, there is another hand-inspired style in jewelry that you may want to call your own if you have a hand fetish or love anything that is hand-shaped.

I’ve only been introduced to the hand-shaped bling this year; One was in the form of a hand-shaped brooch pin I got from ETSY and another was a pair of hand-shaped earrings I saw on a YouTuber whose music taste I share that goes by the name, LeMadelynn. She is a breath of fresh air in the stale world of YouTube’s beauty community.

Getting back to the subject of hand-inspired jewelry; If you’re looking for something that is more of along the artistic lines of the Frida Kahlo hand earrings, where the hand pendants mimic human hands, then you might enjoy the list below. Enjoy!

7 Hand-Shaped Jewelry That Has Nothing To Do With The Hamsa

Hand Brooch Pin


| LouTaylorStudio


Hand Love Pin


| CoucouSuzette


High Five Hand Necklace


| melaniefavreau


Jazz Hand Earrings


| friendlygesture


Spock Hand Salute Brooch


| thefoundretail


Two Hand Brooches


| JordanGraceOwens


Victorian Hand Dangle Earrings


| MintMarbles


Tell me what do you think of this hand-inspired jewelry list. Does it pique your interest? Have you seen or worn hand-shaped ornament of this type before? Share your thoughts – I love reading them!


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