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Rihanna – Diamonds ( Aina Suzaily Acoustic Cover Featuring Annabelle Jia )


Dream Resort Studio






Pop Shoot : Park Dreamer ~ Dilim ( Shot Using Telezenitar 135mm f2.8 APO )


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Elton John – Your Song Official Cover by Aina Suzaily ( Sang In Ellie Gouldling Style )

Rihanna – Stay ft Mikki Ekko ( Official Video) Cover by Aina Suzaily

Expo & Fairs ~ Pikom PC Fair April 2013 ( Shot using Zenitar 50mm f2.0 )

Pop Shoot : Happily Ever After ~ Shanel Chee ( Mitakon 85mm f2.0 II vs Canon 24-70 f2.8L II )


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Modeling Wiki : A Comprehensive Guide To Posing Mastery v1.0

aces 1

The Fundamentals Of Modeling

You may consider these to be as crucial as the laws of physics

1 ) When you articulate your joints, you should never bend ( extend or flex ) your joints to its maximum angle, this will make you look stiff on camera

2 ) When you pose, you should always support yourself with your muscles only. Example if you do a pose of which you are leaning on something or of which you are lying down, you are not actually leaning on something or actually lying down, the pose must be maintained with your muscles. The rationale behind this is that you will risk looking lazy on camera otherwise

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Pop Shoot : Aina Suzaily ( Shot Using Mitakon 85mm f2.0 II )


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Pop Shoot : Vannie Tan ( Shot Using Mitakon 85mm f2.0 II )


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Wendy Lean : Midnight Lullaby ( Shot using Helios 85mm f1.5 II, Canon 24-70 f2.8 II, Lighted using HDV-Z96 Led )


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Pop Shoot : Vintage Become Futuristic ( Shot In Studio Using Helios 85mm f1.5 II aka MC Helios 40-2 )


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