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Fashionista NOW: 7 Ways To Get Pretty In Pastel Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Erika Henell

Think you can’t pull off outfits with pastels? Think again! Feast your eyes on our favorite 7 pretty in pastel outfit ideas from Lookbook and change your mind!

Pastel colors, no matter what they say, can be worn regardless of the ‘fashion’ seasons.

Instead of walking the ridiculous tightrope of keeping up with the seasonal color trends (as if we’ve no minds of our own!) let your own inner style compass guide you into embracing any color(s) that you feel like wearing.

Back when I was in my early twenties, if you were to ask me to wear something lighter in color, I would have given a proper eye-roll before uttering these words: Do you even know me? I don’t wear girly colors.

Alas, we all know that time does funny things to the person that we thought we were. Style-wise — not that I ever thought about the words style or fashion so intensely then — I feet we all started early in life attaching and defining our sense of identity including the way we appear on the outside in a very narrow box and we think we won’t change, but oh no, we do.

The pastel color trend is something that I’ve just kind of warmed up to even though I have been an admirer from afar of pastel looks worn by fashion bloggers who are confident chameleons when it comes to stretching their wardrobe horizon with all kinds of colors! Right now, I believe, my favorites are mint green, pastel yellow and that’s about it!

If you’re a bit like me in this sense and would like to explore a little bit and incorporate pastel colors into your wardrobe, feel free to scroll down and draw inspiration from the looks below:

So, which of the pastel looks do you see yourself wearing? Is your wardrobe filled with every color there is? Or are you the kind of person who prefers to stick with only a few of the tried-and-tested personal favorite colors? Share your thoughts below – I’d love to know!

“Gaiety is one of the most important elements I brought to fashion. I brought it through color.”Emilio Pucci

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