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Studio Equipment Malaysia : Aaron, Multiple Backdrop Holder


3 Holder : RM 159 + Optional GST https://goo.gl/zwusPB

4 Holder : RM 209 + Optional GST https://goo.gl/zwusPB

6 Holder : RM 299 + Optional GST https://goo.gl/zwusPB

Note : Backdrop bars for this backdrop holder are purchased separately. 3 m Aluminum backdrop bars are available for purchase at RM 75 per unit however we recommend that you use PVC pipes which are 5 cm in diameter. 3 m PVC pipes can be purchased at your nearest hardware stores for only about RM 15 each ;-)



Orders & Enquiries

Please email us at shops.famecherry@gmail.com or call us at 018-3737197

( We are also available on Whatsapp but if urgent please make phone call ya )



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Portrait Location Database ~ Central Park Bandar Utama


The Central Park Bandar Utama is located just opposite the popular shopping complex called 1 Utama near PJ area.

As you can in the photo the park has really nice paved pedestrian roads which can be interesting as background due to their shapes and form.

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Portrait Location Database ~ Taman Botani Lakeside


The Putrajaya Botanical Garden, located at the northern section of Precinct 1, is a remarkable park designed as an arcadia on a national sanctuary for Malaysian plant taxonomy as well as a centre for education and research and it is one of the most beautiful gardens with many exotic plants and flowers in Malaysia.

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Fashionista NOW: Why Skinny Jeans Look Great On Some Guys, But Not On You?

Skinny jeans are not for everyone and that’s a fact. It all boils down to the kind of overall body shape, leg size and unique individual fashion preference you have.

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Fashionista NOW: Soft Floral Print Fashion Inspiration

It’s sunny here in Malaysia and the tropical heat with its intense humidity can make any hot-blooded lady shed off the heavier aspect of her clothing no matter how fashionable it is, and replace it with some much lighter and airy material that fits the weather.

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Malaysia’s 1st Homestay Website

When I was studying overseas, I used to backpack all over Europe. In all of my trips I stayed in hostels that I found on the internet.

One of my favorite sites was Hostel World, I could find the most comfortable accommodations at very very affordable rates =)

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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Animal Print Without Turning Into A Real Animal?

Ladies, the animal print fashion fever is on and I can see you from a kilometre away prowling the streets like a wild cheetah. It’s not a new thing that women have a thang for wearing animal-printed clothing – it dates way back in time of the cave women era where men actually hunt for the real thing for us ladies.

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Essential Studio Equipment : Light Tent ( 75 x 75 x 75 cm )


Price : RM 90


Orders & Enquiries

Please email us at shops.famecherry@gmail.com or call us at 012-3375629

( We are also available on Whatsapp but if urgent please make phone call ya )


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Our Successful Trade List


For our full inventory, please visit our store at http://famecherry.com/online-store

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Portrait Cafe Database ~ FUN OK Cafe


FUN OK is a cafe built around the “Home Away From Home” concept, in this post we examine all the photographic possibilities that this cafe has to offer =)
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Lim Photography ~ Slim Jen the Hip Hop Goddess


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Fashionista NOW: Bohemian Vintage Fashion Inspiration

A touch of vintage and a pinch of bohemian in your clothing can make you stand out. There’s something elegant yet free-spirited about the combination that makes it so refreshing. The mix of bohemian and vintage in fashion is all about bringing out your own sense of style out in the most practical and liberating way, and that’s the reason why I’m completely head over heels with it.

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Lim Photography ~ December Santarina-chan


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