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Fashionista NOW: The Dark Side Of Floral And Thoughts On Dress-Shaming

Credit | Sabrina Carder

A look at some dark floral outfit ideas and thoughts about dress-shaming that is affecting Malaysian women.

It’s getting dark and gloomy for the past few days here that it’s prompting me to feel sleepy at inappropriate times in the evening while I’m supposed to be doing something productive. This weather is turning my brains foggy I have no choice but to consume my poison of choice: caffeine.

Anyway, while I try to get in the swing of things like writing about some dark floral kind of outfits because the temperature just screams for it, will you forgive me for blabbering like a fool?

Blab-aside, I’ve been thinking about Malaysia’s current obsession with women’s delightfully delicious bodies. I don’t know about you, but we, as a nation has developed a thoroughly despicable disease that comes in the form of a constant judgmental noise dictating what other full-grown women ought to wear or not and to be honest, I’ve had enough of it.

You really don’t hear much about what men ought to wear while out getting awards, achieving a string of A’s in school or just out and about minding their business while being a prince or a lecturer. But just as soon as a clever, young and talented warm-blooded beautiful woman steps into the spotlight in clothes she is happy to be wearing while doing her thing, you’ll hear a grumbling quite akin to an unfortunate case of a toxic bodily gassy release that takes place in a quiet room, marring the whole pleasant aroma all at once, everyone with functioning noses has to leave temporarily or simply stop breathing.

What any adult woman chooses to wear on any given day of her life is her business and no one should dictate how she ought to dress, bully her by preaching about some holier-than-the-rest belief or shame her for it. She has her mind of her own; so please stop getting all up in her business!

Anyway, being a full-blown feminist, I just had to put it out there, as a kind reminder for us women (and men) to take a stand and drown the noise coming from the annoyingly loud-but-empty-cans. For goodness’ sakes, it is our very own bodies, after all – own them, flaunt them, cloak them, or whatever. Make a strong statement that says this is who I am and I am proud of it, period.

Now that I’ve let my short-but-fiery rant out of the way, let’s dive into the dark and broody floral outfits you can so wear to complement this sleepy and chilly weather:

| Anna

| Celine Geraldine

| Francesca Lesch

| Kat Tea.

| Micklyene Delgado

| Piia Õ.

| Esra E.

Real fact about me: I dislike that women are taught to mind the way they dress as so not to offend or invite but men are not taught to mind their gaze at all. My body is not an open invitation!

How do you deal with people with are aggressively opposed to the way you dress? Share your stories and thoughts having to do with dress-shaming because we sure need a bit of a positive boost, don’t we?

“The naked female body is treated so weirdly in society. It’s like people are constantly begging to see it, but once they do, someone’s a hoe.”Lena Horne

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  • Sapphire Ziva

    Love d collection of images, I’m myself a huge fan of florals :) !!

    NEW POST – http://www.sapphireziva.com/fashion_detail.php?id=35

    hugs, Kanchan

  • Silvia
  • I come from a very asian cultured background but growing up, I went to an international school so my ways of dressing has always been ‘too open’ – as deemed by my family. It has made me very conscious of my self image and the way i present myself. I have been told – too many times – to not dress the way I dress but i’ve always been stubborn so i never listened haha and i’m glad i didn’t. And i absolutely agree with your dislike against it.


    • Yay, you go girl! It’s important not to let others decide for how we should go about dressing ourselves (as if, we’re brainless!) and I’m glad, you’re stubborn as I am too! Stubborn ladies are the best, I tell you. I’ve been self-conscious myself but it’s vital that we carry ourselves confidently and not listen to the negativity especially when it’s inherently sexist :) Thank you for leaving your thoughtful comment, Annick =D xx