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Fashionista NOW: 10 Bohemian Fashion Bloggers To Follow Today

Fashion bloggers with a bohemian edge to follow for your dose of boho style inspiration.

It’s 2016 and the pathway to bohemian dressing is still wide open and is anticipated to blow up come the sunnier seasons. In essence, much of the boho style is all about flowiness, layers and textures. Colors of the earth and nature. And ultimately, a state of a curious and flexible mind you want conveyed in your wardrobe. You see it at the music festivals but it abruptly ends there as far as trend-hopping goes.

I wrote of this before and I stress that beyond the flowy fabrics, earthy hues and rustic jewelry that can make up a boho chic outfit, you will unearth a carefree, truth-seeking free-spirit lurking underneath. But alas, the signature bohemian look for its own sake can be achieved as fashion can be a fun experimental playground to play the part you want for the season.

For this piece, I gather 10 fashion bloggers that carry the unmistakable boho vibe and style inclination for your dose of bohemian fashion inspiration.

Do you dress boho and live bohemian-ly? What other boho fashion bloggers do you follow? Mention them down below!

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”Albert Camus

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  • Thank you for sharing my look. xx


  • My favorite boho fashion blog is the Tree of Life. :) But thanks for these fashion inspirations.

    Cathy @ boho style shop

    • My pleasure, Cathy. I will take a look at the blog, thank you so much for suggesting! :) x

  • Emma Rachels

    This is a great list! iv been following the boho style for a while now and one of my other favourite blog articles is this new one “top 10 must-have boho chic items” maybe you guys will also like it. thanks, i will be reading more >> https://goo.gl/LLbeBD thanks :) Emma

    • Thank you for your popping by with an article suggestion, Emma. Have a lovely day ahead! :) x

      • Emma Rachels

        No worries! I hope you enjoy it :) I passed on your article to some of my more bohemian interested friends and they love it too!!